We live in a world where consumers want to be

alerted asap about everything of interest.

95% of text messages are read within 3 minutes.

Consumers opt-in for messaging from brands and organizations that are top priority.

Built on Twilio - NofyMe reaches customers the way they want to be reached.

Introducing NofyMe

NofyMe, a text marketing solution built on Twilio, allows companies to connect to their customers more directly than ever before. When users click Notify Me, they’re prompted to enter information such as phone number, email address, and other preferences based on their needs.

Customizable user notifications

NofyMe also helps companies engage with and retain users by allowing them to customize their alerts. Users can opt-in to receive daily, weekly notifications and can also customize additional preferences based on their needs.

NofyMe increases consumer opt-in rates by 24% and are TCPA compliant.

“We're very happy with Nike’s Notify Me marketing campaign. It has generated as much as 400% more revenue compared to other efforts.”


NofyMe helps Nike gain consumer loyalty. Nike uses NofyMe to send notifications to consumers about product availability. Whether it’s availability of color, size or timing of a new product launch, interested users will be the first to know.

World Vision, an organization that tackles the causes of poverty and injustice, uses NofyMe to alert those interested on ways to get involved and make an impact. World Vision’s NofyMe campaign drives donations by sending notifications to sponsors, volunteers and ambassadors about upcoming events, fundraising competitions and health challenges.

Organizations all over the world are using NofyMe to push information into the hands of their customers.