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An Impekable Solution for Your Design System Project

Design system technology is relatively new — and building and maintaining a design system can be a major undertaking. So although many companies haven’t fully invested in the idea of design systems, there are plenty of businesses that would benefit from one.

A design system might be a good choice for you in any of the following circumstances:

You’re a design team that’s struggling to keep your design files organized or to enforce design consistency across multiple designs.

You’re a team of developers looking to drive aesthetic consistency and have access to design changes immediately.

You’re a larger organization that needs to create efficiencies across multiple products and design teams.

Your company is looking to switch design tools and wants to preserve user interface elements as you migrate.

What is a Design System?

Design systems provide a usable, centralized, and ever-evolving kit of colors, typefaces, interface components, templates, and usage guidelines that are driven by brand standards and that can be used across all of a company’s digital products.

In this way, design systems are living, breathing documents whose concepts and elements serve as a ‘North Star’ for all of your design work.

Maintaining a design system enables your design teams to save time and resources when building and refining design flows and high-fidelity designs.

Why are Design Systems Important?

As a design system company, we get a first-hand look at all of the different ways design systems benefit companies.

  • Design systems are time-savers: With a well-executed design system, there’s no more searching for missing files or wondering whether a design choice is compliant with brand style guidelines. Everything that’s needed to execute mockups and other design assets quickly is located in one place.
  • Design systems drive consistency: Especially for organizations with multiple applications, properties, or subsidiary brands, codifying aesthetic preferences in a design system ensures consistent execution across all components.
  • Design systems create process efficiency: Having a design system in place reduces the number of individual approvals that must be sought for individual design assets. This can free stakeholders up to focus on higher-priority projects.

Our Process as a Design Systems Agency

All of our design system services are bespoke for our clients. So although our process typically includes the following steps, your specific engagement may vary depending on your unique use case.

We start with an in-depth onboarding call to understand your current design system or UI kit (if you’re using one). Whether we’re starting from scratch or iterating your existing system, we become an extension of your team as we talk through your needs, pain points, and the goals you have for your design system moving forward.

Depending on your timeline and any existing frameworks you have in place, our team might begin by auditing your existing files and creating recommendations for your updated design system based on Atomic Design principles that link components together within your system.

We’ll improve your existing components and patterns while also creating new elements to fill any gaps in your system. We will meet with your team regularly, making sure all the components we are building meet your individual and specific needs.

We offer both training assets and long-term maintenance to accompany the delivery of your design system, whether that involves upskilling your team on your chosen platform or offering supplement resources to help you maintain your system over time.

Our Featured Design System Services Projects

Adobe UI Kits

Adobe offers an extensive library of UI design kits intended to provide native graphic elements to designers working with Apple iOS, Google Material, Microsoft Windows, and other wireframe solutions. Impekable supported Adobe in the creation and deployment of many of these kits.

As a developer of small business tools, had already built 12+ separate applications when they turned to Impekable for support auditing their design work and building a design system that would facilitate brand consistency and the faster release of new solutions.


SmartNews is a leading news aggregator with a successful app generating more than $2B. Impekable stepped in to help them create a central location for all design elements used in their product. The final design system included all UI components their designers would need, across different countries and languages.

US Radio Co

As the largest audio entertainment company in the world was already operating numerous apps across a variety of platforms. They sought out Impekable to help streamline the user experience and revitalize their brand to help them remain competitive in this growing market.

Featured Case Studies

Netgear Arlo Website

Impekable redesigned Netgear’s ARLO website in a way that reflected...


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Frequently asked questions

FAQ about Design Systems

What is a design system?

A design system is a core set of standards -- often including libraries of common components, elements, and guidelines -- that enable teams to ensure visual consistency across user experiences at scale. By aligning on a shared design system, team members are able to create consistent page designs and user interfaces, while reducing redundancy and unnecessary rework.

What is system design in software engineering?

Although the two terms sound similar, design systems and system designs are not interchangeable. In the context of software engineering, system design involves developing individual elements within a system, such as the overall architecture, user interfaces, modules, and data usage.


Design systems, on the other hand, include approved, repeatable components that designers, developers, marketers, and other stakeholders can use to uphold a consistent brand experience and streamline campaign execution across departments.

Who benefits most from design systems?

Because building a design system and converting individual design elements into components takes time, design systems are generally best suited to large enterprise organizations.


It’s also a good idea to consider the size of your team. One of the biggest benefits of design systems is that it saves designers time, but if you only have a small team, the time-savings may not be enough to create a positive ROI on the project. Contrast that with a team of 40 designers managing hundreds of applications, and it’s easy to see which types of companies will benefit most from a design system.

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