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How Impekable implemented a Twilio Flex cloud contact center solution streamlined vaccine registration and contact tracing for counties and states.

Project length
February 9-17, 2020
Twilio, Twilio Flex, Google Cloud Platform


Design System
Product Management
Project Management
Twilio Flex Implementation

The Problem

The development of a vaccine for COVID-19 was an incredible step forward in the fight against one of the toughest health crises the United States has faced. Unfortunately, many healthcare providers and public sectors around the U.S. struggled to efficiently manage and coordinate vaccine distribution or contact tracing.

In 2021, one of Impekable’s communication and technology partners asked our team to consult on two different COVID-19 vaccine registration projects for a US state and a US municipality.

Both clients faced the same challenge — not having a scalable telecommunications system that enabled residents to pre-register for vaccine appointments without needing to speak to an agent. As a result, call centers were flooded with an influx of calls, leading both clients to struggle with extremely long wait times. Connecting with a live agent was challenging and frustrating for residents.

The Solution

Impekable worked to build and deploy an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for each Twilio cloud contact center, enabling self-service scheduling for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Using the IVR, residents could simply call a phone number provided by the vaccine distributor (either the hospital group or municipality) and pre-register for a vaccine by responding to the automated prompts.
The IVR system reduced the manual effort needed to coordinate vaccine distribution and freed up agents to work with those who required the most help registering for appointments.

Responding Quickly at a Critical Time

Given the rapid, growing demand for COVID-19 vaccinations, both clients were working with extremely tight and urgent time constraints.

For this reason, Impekable had to stay up-to-date on new information and changes on a weekly — sometimes daily – basis as development progressed.

Our team responded to these tight timelines and abrupt changes with tightly coordinated project management practices, daily standups, and weekly update meetings.

Leveraging Existing Technology Partnerships

To execute the IVR solution as quickly and effectively as possible, Impekable leveraged our existing relationships with technology partners including Twilio and Google Cloud Platform.

In this instance, Impekable implemented Twilio Flex for our public sector client to ensure the solution was flexible and powerful.

Services Provided

System Design & Implementation

Impekable designed and implemented the IVR solution for both clients to facilitate vaccine pre-registration.

Product Management

Our team oversaw the IVR development for both clients from initial ideation to project completion.



In just three weeks, we engineered a comprehensive IVR solution to help clients meet vaccine demand.

Project Management

Staying on track to complete the project in a short timespan required diligent project management.

The Results

Through this process, our team developed, deployed, and tested a custom IVR solution in less than three weeks.

Once taken live, the solution immediately increased service efficiency and speed for vaccine distribution. Customers gained convenient access to essential information previously available only through direct contact with an agent or online, while agents could dedicate more of their time to the customers who needed the most help.

The administrator, agent, and customer experience immediately improved once the IVR solution was in place. In fact, the IVR led to a reduction in staff hours, a 50% reduction in wait times, and an increase in total registrations per day.

Impekable’s custom IVR solution led to a 50% reduction in wait times for COVID-19 vaccine registration.

An All-in-One Solution

The vaccine registration platform Impekable designed solved several problems at once:

Impekable’s platform interface made it simple to manage vaccine registration, including creating, reading, updating, and deleting registrations.

The platform also enabled easier data visualization by allowing teams to filter, sort, and search registrations.

To enable the vaccine team to stay on top of registrations, Impekable’s platform experience facilitated on-demand reporting, including the total number of inbound calls, texts, web submissions, and completed registrations.

Key Features of the Vaccine Registration Technology

Unified Registration Experience

Impekable’s single platform solution created a unified experience for registering, scheduling, and coordinating vaccine distribution.

Accurate Speech-to-Text Input

Residents were able to input their registration details over the phone, thanks to the IVR’s speech-to-text feature.

Enhanced Security Features

The IVR solution included improved security features to protect residents’ data – a critical factor to build customer trust.

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