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How Impekable revitalized Insight ADVANCE’s platform: improving how teachers are trained, evaluated, and credentialed. Targeted upgrades enabled asynchronous feedback, state-based credentialing, and live coaching.

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The Challenge

EdTech firm Insight ADVANCE needed to revamp their aging platform. Built with Groovy, it lacked scalability and a user-friendly interface. Facing a tight deadline of three months, Insight ADVANCE had to update the platform for statewide usage – ensuring it was scalable, secure, and user-friendly to support complex training and credentialing workflows.

Our Approach

Impekable’s approach to the project was fully-comprehensive, moving quickly but covering all necessary aspects amidst the looming deadline:

Research and Planning

Conducted an extensive review of business logic and workflows for coaching, evaluation, and credentialing systems.


Collaborated with Insight ADVANCE to develop a modern, intuitive interface.


Incorporated data privacy and security requirements, along with a backup strategy for data integrity.


Implemented scalable session management, multi-platform messaging, and a video processing pipeline for efficient classroom recordings.


Built the platform using .NET, React, and React Native for the mobile app, with a Postgres database and Microsoft IIS for
the web server.

The Solution

At the core of the Insight ADVANCE platform are distinct applications, each designed to enhance teaching and learning experiences.


Enables teachers to be recorded in the classroom and receive feedback from evaluators.


Trains evaluators to ensure fair grading and standard adherence.


Supports state-based teacher credentialing and retesting.

Mobile App

Allows for easy recording and uploading of classroom sessions with associated metadata.

Our senior developer from Impekable did a great job of stabilizing the base code, making the need for maintenance drop by about 75%.
- Nancy Goodman | Head of Product, Insight Advance

Each showcasing six critical enhancements:

Scalable Platform Deployment

Accommodates extensive educator networks securely and scalably.

Advanced System Management

Operates efficiently with a sophisticated server farm.

Workflow Navigation

Streamlines complex training and re-certification workflows.

Multifaceted Messaging System

Enhances teacher communication with timely email notifications.

Video Processing Pipeline

Transcodes and streams classroom videos at scale with AWS Media Convert.


Monitors teacher performance and adherence to educational standards.

The Results

The newly-upgraded Insight ADVANCE platform

boasted six key improvements:

Enhanced User Experience

Streamlined interface for easier navigation and interaction, improving the overall user experience for teachers and evaluators.

Robust Platform Stability

Upgraded system stability to handle increased user traffic, ensuring reliable access to the platform’s features.

Advanced Feedback Mechanisms

Implemented improved feedback tools, allowing for more detailed and constructive evaluations.

Deployment Readiness

Prepared the platform for statewide rollout, ensuring it met the specific needs and regulations of different regions.

Training Support

Enhanced training modules to provide more in-depth guidance for educators, fostering better teaching practices.

Data Analytics

Upgraded analytics features, offering deeper insights into user behavior and platform effectiveness.

The ADVANCEfeedback software went from being dormant to being implemented statewide within a short timeframe. This is a great testament to what Impekable is able to do.
- Nancy Goodman | Head of Product, Insight Advance

A Pivotal Milestone: Acquisition by Teaching Channel

The culmination of the Insight ADVANCE journey was its acquisition by Teaching Channel: a testament to its success and impact in the educational technology space. This milestone was not just a testament to the platform’s value, but also to the enduring partnership with Impekable. What began as a three-month project evolved into a four-year collaboration – with Impekable playing a crucial role in the platform’s continuous improvement and expansion. The acquisition served as a ringing endorsement of Insight ADVANCE’s ability to elevate teaching and learning experiences across school districts.

I would recommend that anyone be as clear as possible regarding a problem, allowing Impekable to be as clear as they can be on how to solve it. Being open to Impekable's insight is advisable. They're very knowledgeable and realistic in terms of estimates.
- Nancy Goodman | Head of Product, Insight Advance

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