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See how Impekable redesigned and built Twilio’s new customer-facing Status Page to improve clarity and prevent user frustration.

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A New Status Landing Page Brings Greater Customer Clarity

Built on Status Page by Atlassian, Twilio’s Status Page is intended to provide a real-time, ‘single source of truth’ on any known incidents, outages, or degradation on the company’s API platform and with its external carrier connections.

However, although Twilio’s Super Network had become more sophisticated at detecting carrier service outages and network degradations over time, the previous iteration of its Status Page did not provide clarity into the regional and product-specific nature of these detections.

Further, because individual detections did not affect all customers equally, this lack of granularity led to confusion and frustration amongst users, who were unable to determine the cause of individual issues or the impact on their specific situations.

The Solution

Thanks to our long partnership, Twilio engaged Impekable to visually represent degradations across individual Twilio products and external carrier networks in greater detail on its Status Page.

To achieve this, we reimagined how the company’s Status Page could create relationships between components and component groups in order to visually represent the status of individual products within all of the regions Twilio serves.

With this concept in mind, our design and engineering teams worked through Atlassian’s technical constraints and Twilio’s brand consideration to create a Status Page concept that allows individual users to see — at a glance — the status of their specific Twilio products.

A Visual Representation of External Network Issues

To provide further clarity, Impekable built a visual layer inside the Status Page that indicates whether external carrier outages are impacting Twilio services.


The introduction of these external connectivity issues was intended to further protect Twilio’s brand perception among users. Because connectivity issues outside of Twilio’s networks — and, consequently, outside of Twilio’s control — can impact the deliverability of its services, making users aware of them prevents their frustration from being inappropriately directed towards Twilio.

Facilitating Stronger Customer Communications

Finally, although Twilio previously offered a general notification option, users who subscribed received messages for every Twilio outage — whether or not they were directly affected.

To prevent unnecessary distress, Impekable introduced a more granular subscription option, enabling users to only receive notifications that are relevant to their products or regions.

The Results

Both Twilio and its users appreciate the additional information Impekable’s Status Page provides, as well as its sleekly modern design and intuitive interface. In fact, our work on the project was so successful that Impekable was engaged by New Relic to update their Status Page as well.

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