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Impekable’s award-winning UX design agency makes navigating complex business processes intuitive for your users. Dream big and reach for the stars — we’re here to solve your complicated business problems through innovative and engaging design work.

Our UX Design Services are a good fit for:

  • Startups working on their MVP
  • Enterprise leaders with bad UX feedback (or a non-existent UX)
  • Enterprise companies looking to launch new products
  • Funded startups planning for future acquisitions
  • Enterprise operations with plans to IPO

What is User Experience (UX) Design?

User experience (UX) design involves the creation of product and process designs that focus specifically on enabling exceptional, effective user experiences.

Whether in-app or on-site, users’ experiences drive their engagement with your product or services. As a result, your UX design determines whether their needs will be met — or whether they’ll go unfulfilled. 

That’s why full end-to-end UX design services can encompass everything from design and development to branding, usability, and function.

Why is UX Design Important?

Poorly designed or implemented UX design frustrates users, leading to poor conversion or retention rates — not to mention lower loyalty and a potentially tarnished brand reputation.

That’s why businesses like Pentair, Twilio, and Panasonic turn to our UX design company.

Not only do we put your users’ needs first, but our UX design agency offerings adapt to your business requirements. Whether you’re a young startup that just needs MVP screens or an enterprise company looking to revamp your entire user experience, Impekable can help.

Our UX Consulting Process

We’re passionate about creating engaging, intuitive user experiences. We bring our vast experience across many industries to your project, integrating your domain expertise and feedback along the way.  


We begin every UX design engagement by uncovering who your customers are, what their ideal experience looks like, and what pain points hold them back.


Following our audit and discovery process, we work in low, mid, and high-fidelity mockups and wireframes to ensure our designs meet users’ needs.

Usability Testing

User testing helps us quickly understand whether we’re on the right track -- or whether we need to iterate our designs for functionality or ease of use.

Delivery & Execution

Once you’ve signed off on your new UX, we bring it to life on your website or app. Our user experience agency’s broad skill set makes implementation easy.

UX Design Case Studies

Real clients. Real experiences. Real success stories.


Pentair is a leading provider of residential and commercial water solutions, including smart pool technology and water filtration systems.

Although a focus on innovation is part of the company’s core mission, its teams aren’t experts in software development or mobile design. 

So when they needed to craft user experiences for multiple stakeholders — including pool owners, pool service companies, and retail users like Starbucks — they turned to Impekable to develop a new UX.

Panasonic JELO Website

Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development of consumer electronics. Yet with so many different lines of business, many applications and interfaces were left with inconsistent visual designs and experiences.

To help guide individual business units to a more cohesive design system, the company decided to create an internal web tool — called JELO — where teams could work together to improve their design language. 

Facing tight timelines, Panasonic turned to Impekable to design and build this site.

Zingbox, acquired by Palo Alto Networks

Impekable worked closely with Zingbox as the company’s outsourced product design and front-end development team.

In this capacity, we created both the UX design of the Zingbox IoT Guardian platform, as well as the corresponding customer-facing website. We provided further support in designing the UX of Guardian 2.0, leading up to Zingbox’s acquisition by Palo Alto Networks.

Thinfilm CNECT NFC Platform

CNECT Blockchain Services, launched by Thin Film Electronics ASA (‘Thinfilm’), was intended to enable greater product traceability and the secure transfer of ownership capabilities within the CNECT Cloud Platform.

Impekable supported this launch with UX design services that spanned the Thinfilm website, CNECT platform, experience builder, ‘tap to gift’ feature, NFC scanner, and CNECT.io website.

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Frequently asked questions

FAQ About User Experience Design

What is UX design?

UX design, or user experience design, is a process used by design teams to deliver experiences that meet users’ needs. Often, this involves balancing design aesthetics with the functionality required for users’ requirements to be met.

What does a UX designer do?

A UX designer like Impekable works closely with clients to understand the needs of their users and deliver solutions that support them. This may involve interviewing users, developing wireframe design concepts, conducting usability testing, and making other recommendations based on the client’s business goals.

What is the difference between UI and UX design?

User interface (UI) design involves creating user interfaces that are both visually appealing and intuitive to use. User experience (UX) design, on the other hand, focuses on the larger set of requirements involved in developing end-to-end solutions for users’ problems.

What do UI/UX designers do?

UI/UX designers have experience in both front-end UI design and broader UX design. A UI/UX design agency like Impekable can deliver both of these skill sets, creating a more streamlined design and development process.

Why is User Experience design important?

Without a thoughtfully designed user experience, users may struggle to complete tasks or get the information they’re looking for. If they get too frustrated, they’ll leave your website or application, diminishing your ability to generate revenue or complete other conversion actions.


For startups, poor UX design makes it difficult to gain traction in competitive markets. But even larger incumbents can lose customers to disruptive companies offering a better experience.

How should you hire a UX designer?

You can hire independent UX designers on a project-by-project basis, or you can hire larger UX consulting firms or a UI/UX design agency. In either case, look for a UX designer who can support the full breadth of your needs. 


Do you use a particular design system or software? Will you also need development services to bring your UX or UI to life? Working with a full-service provider like Impekable reduces the amount of time you need to spend finding, qualifying, and managing partners.

What questions should you ask a UX designer in an interview?

When interviewing a UX designer, it is important to look for a track record of success, including the quality of their past work. 


Have they completed projects like yours before? Do you like the visual style or approach they’ve used with past clients? Are they adaptable to your needs, whether you’re a young startup or an established enterprise organization? Answer these and other questions before making your decision.

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