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How Impekable’s interactive, award-winning online directory drove higher Partner site engagement and a 55% productivity uplift for Twilio’s engineers.

Technology Partner
Adobe XD
Project Length
3 Months

Out with the Old…

As a leader in cloud communications, Twilio works with an extensive network of partners. Companies of any size — from startups to global enterprises — can leverage Twilio partners to bring their communication systems to life.

However, these Partners are only useful to Twilio’s customers if they’re able to locate the right Partners for their business needs.

Yet as Twilio’s Partner ecosystem grew, every new Partner made the search more complicated for customers — especially if they didn’t know what type of Partner they needed.

Twilio needed a professional and user-friendly Partner Showcase website to help customers find the ideal Twilio Partner.

…and in with the New

Although Twilio had an existing Partner Showcase, it wasn’t an effective resource, as customers couldn’t use it to search, filter, or sort Twilio Partners.

Twilio recognized that it needed a stronger Partner Showcase experience that could both serve the needs of multiple stakeholder types — including customers, developers, partners of all types, Twilio employees, and industry analysts — and set the standard amongst Partner Showcases industry-wide.

The Solution

Over 200 hours, Impekable’s team designed a new and improved Partner Showcase to support Twilio, its Partners, and its customers.

Drawing heavily on our UI/UX design experience, the Impekable team presented Twilio with multiple proposals for the Showcase, all of which featured elements intended to make searching the Partner ecosystem easier. From these concepts, Twilio selected the option that fit best with their needs and timeline.

A Long, Ongoing Partnership

In fact, our team didn’t just design the new Twilio Partner Showcase — we’re actually one of the Partners showcased in the directory.


As a longtime Twilio partner, it’s arguable that there was no better team than Impekable to update Twilio’s Partner Showcase, as our long relationship gave us unique insights into the elements that would make the Showcase successful.

The Ideal Team for the Job

The Partner Showcase wasn’t our first project with Twilio — and likely won’t be the last.


Because we had previously been engaged to create digital marketing materials for the company, our team had already become familiar with the needs of both Twilio and its customers. 


As a result, it was only fitting that Impekable was selected to create a better user experience for Twilio’s online Partner Showcase.

Our Approach

Impekable undertook a number of activities to ensure the Twilio Showcase would exceed expectations.

We began by identifying what worked — and what didn’t work — in the previous Twilio Partner Showcase.

We built several iterations for the new Partner Showcase, leveraging industry best practices.

We regularly consulted with the Twilio team to ensure all relevant stakeholders were on the same page.

We executed the final solution and delivered a UI Design Ket in Adobe XD to support future work.

Keeping Twilio Partners Happy

The Twilio Partner Showcase is meant to help Partners effectively market themselves and their solutions. But the lack of personalization in the previous Showcase made that difficult.


Our solution updated the individual Partner pages so that Partners can add category tags, customize their listings, and highlight their specializations. 


When combined with changes to the UI’s searchability, Twilio Partners are now better equipped to connect with potential customers through the Partner Showcase.

Better Searchability, Better Results

Tailoring Search Results

A directory full of incredible Partners doesn’t do customers much good if they can’t discover the right Partners — or if they don’t know what to search for.


That’s why we introduced filtering options into the Twilio Partner Showcase that enable customers to filter their searches by geography, solution type, industry, and more.

Added Flexibility

Twilio’s customers are accustomed to using major search engines — and they expect to be able to input generic terms into any search feature and get useful results.


That simply wasn’t possible in the previous Partner Showcase. Our solution makes it easier for customers to find strong Twilio Partners for any need or requirement.

Made to Scale with Twilio

Twilio’s list of Partners continues to grow — and as it does, each new partner needs their own page in the Partner Showcase.


To facilitate easy updating by Twilio’s engineering team, we delivered a UI Design Kit in Adobe XD that makes adding new, uniform web pages to the Showcase as Partners enroll simple.

The Results

In just three months, over 200 hours of work, Impekable visualized, designed, and delivered the new Partner Showcase website to Twilio. Since its deployment, Twilio has seen higher rates of engagement with the Partner Showcase website. Due to its intuitive design and features, Impekable’s design efforts on the Twilio Partner Showcase were recognized with a 2022 Muse Creative Award.

Impekable’s UI Design Kit via Adobe XD has helped increase productivity by 55% for Twilio’s engineering team when adding new partners to the Showcase.


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Key Features of the Twilio Partner Showcase

Filtering and Sorting Options

Customers can now sort and filter Twilio Partners by key details, such as location, industry, and certification.

Modernized Web Pages

Gone are the former outdated, text-heavy pages — now, the Showcase web pages are sleek and visually appealing.

Adaptability and Flexibility

As Twilio’s Partner network continues to expand, the company’s engineering team can add new pages to the Showcase with ease.

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