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Impekable created the official iOS 13 UI Kit for Adobe XD to drive users to adopt Adobe’s new design tool – leading to other industry-leading UI Kits including  Google Material Design, Twitter Bootstrap, Salesforce Lightning, and IBM Carbon.

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The Challenge

Adobe launched Adobe XD: a software design tool for web and mobile applications. 

To attract and convert users, Adobe needed to provide popular design resources that made it easier for designers to transition to 
their platform. Adobe reached out to Impekable to create an iOS 13 Adobe XD UI kit to feature on Apple.com. 
The challenge was to create a UI kit from scratch that accurately represented Apple interfaces and adhered to 
Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.

Our Approach

Impekable’s approach to the project was multi-faceted:

Research and Planning

We initiated the project by assessing the needs and meticulously crafting a structured project plan.


We created foundational elements, components, and patterns – all linked to the library for easy updates.


We prioritized the seamless functionality of all components across various states and devices.


We teamed up with Adobe and the design community to continuously refine and keep the UI kit up-to-date.

The Solution

Impekable’s custom UI Kit was carefully designed to ensure pixel-perfect accuracy 
and ease of use for designers.

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UI Elements

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Color Schemes

We are software designers ourselves. So these resources were designed to make our lives easier by enabling us to work faster and more efficiently.
- Pek Pongpaet, CEO of Impekable


Features a range of iOS 13-compliant colors categorized as primary, secondary, etc.


Includes iOS 13-consistent typography styles with various font weights and sizes.


Provides a set of iOS 13-style icons for common functions and actions.


Contains over 100 building blocks like buttons, switches, and navigation bars for interface design.


Offers over 75 pre-designed screens or layouts for different app types and use cases.


Designs components with interactive states such as normal, hover, pressed, and disabled.

Symbol Library

Features a symbol library for reusing elements and ensuring design consistency.


Provides guidelines for effective use of elements and adherence to iOS 13 design standards.

The Results

The Official iOS 13 UI Kit was such a big hit, it led to further partnerships with Adobe to create other official UI Kits, including:

Together, this collaborative effort resulted in three major wins:

Adobe XD Adoption

The kits provided valuable resources for designers, encouraging them to adopt Adobe XD.

Design Efficiency

The kits saved designers time and effort in creating apps that align with industry-standards.

Adobe's Brand

The kits showcased Adobe's commitment to supporting designers with design-friendly resources.

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