Product Hour.

Give us an hour and we will provide you with one of our great consultant teams who have experience with most industries and have built and launched successful products. Use the team to supercharge your work or get an outside perspective, all free of charge over a zoom call.

Some participants have benefited from the following

Understanding what experiments need to be run to validate/invalidate an idea

Market sizing
Design assessment
Taking a large initiative and finding a MVP or shortest 
path to value
Technical architecture advice and best practice
Technical challenges holding back the team, finding a root cause and place to start

What to Expect

The team will frame your challenges and provide advice and next steps for you to pursue. We like to use visual tools, all of which we will share with you following the call for you to take with you and implement.

Keywords we need to get into the text/visual


Product Hour Reviews

What to prepare:

Fill in the attached form and find a time that works for the team. If the team requires further information before the call they will reach out.