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See how Impekable’s design and development services helped Pentair quickly and easily deploy cutting-edge enterprise apps to support diverse user groups.

Project length
several years
Technology Partners
ReactNative, ReactJS, Storybook, Jira, InVision, Zeplin, Adobe XD

Pentair is a leading provider of residential, commercial, municipal, agricultural, and industrial water solutions, with business lines encompassing pool and spa products, water softening and filtration units, and water supply and disposal systems.

Pentair was an early adopter of the Internet of Things (IoT) movement, recognizing that both its personal and professional users would benefit from better connectivity between its products and their smart devices. But although the company had initially attempted to create these mobile connectors internally, the resulting apps were slow and were not designed with user experience (UX) in mind, leading to complaints.

To better organize the apps and improve their overall usability, Pentair engaged Impekable through a connection with a former employee.

The Solution

Given the size of its organization, the scope of the project, and the number of distinct user groups involved, Impekable advised Pentair to first invest in the creation of a new design system that would form the building blocks of its future apps.

The extensive design system created by Impekable encompassed:

  • An overall UI style guide
  • A library of design components that could be drawn on quickly to create new apps and experiences
  • Design guidance on where and how to deploy these components
  • An icon library
  • Additional content and accessibility guidelines

Ultimately, these and other elements enabled our team to create visual consistency between Pentair’s different apps and experiences, in addition to speeding up subsequent design processes.

Tailored Experiences for Distinct User Groups

Following the approval of the new design system, Impekable was able to quickly spin up design concepts for new web and mobile apps to support Pentair’s various user groups — each of which has vastly different needs and requirements.

For instance, a few of the initial concepts created included:

  • A Home App for retail consumers of Pentair’s solutions, which allows users to monitor the status and activity of their pool units, showers, water softeners, sump pumps, and other connected devices.
  • A Dealer Portal, from which Pentair Partners can view all the tools and resources needed to effectively sell and service Pentair’s different product lines.
  • A mobile field service app so that Pentair’s technicians can access customer devices and detailed troubleshooting information when working on-site.

Moving From Design to Development

Following our work on Pentair’s design system and app concepts, Impekable stepped into a development role in order to fill experience gaps on Pentair’s team and build both web and mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms.

In particular, Pentair appreciated our team’s agile, yet thorough approach. According to one Pentair Product Manager, “Impekable has now become our trusted partner. They’ve been developing apps for top companies, so they’ve adopted the right processes to deliver fast and stable solutions.“

The Results

Not only did Impekable’s work deliver modern, sophisticated app experiences for Pentair’s multiple user groups, but the design system we built for the company also ensures that future products can be built quickly, in a visually consistent way.

Further, the new functionality and streamlined user interfaces found within Pentair’s new apps, have empowered the company’s customers, Partners, and personnel to develop deeper relationships with the brand and its products — contributing positively to Pentair’s business results.


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