Our Impekable Design Process

Great design doesn’t happen by accident. At Impekable, our well-established, battle-tested design process produces exceptional experiences, every time.

Why Does Design Process Matter?

Some agencies treat design work like the Wizard of Oz — the output may be magical, but pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

But while it’s tempting to believe the best design work is divined through some mystical, mysterious process, we believe the opposite is true. In our experience, following a thoughtful, structured design process results in a number of benefits:

Arrive at a Better Design, Faster

A structured process to design ensures that the views of all stakeholders are taken into consideration and that the best ideas are surfaced through deliberate collaboration.

A More Collaborative, Enjoyable Experience

Disorganized design experiences produce frustration on all fronts. Following a defined process gives all parties confidence that the approach will produce strong outcomes.

Reduces the Need for Rework

Ongoing feedback and reviews must be a part of any design process. Planning deliberately for these stages reduces the need for costly, time-consuming rework within a project.

Our Design Principles

At Impekable, we hold ourselves to the following principles and rely on the ‘Gut Check’ questions to stay accountable to each other.

Fearlessly Curious

We seek to understand the “why”.

We embody the perpetual search for new ideas and ways of thinking that can inspire, transcend, and empower. We really mean it when we say we want to help create a better world, and we believe that one of the best ways to do that is to harness a passionate, fearless curiosity.

We’re on a quest for continual personal and professional growth. We ask a lot of questions, and we’re ok looking stupid (sometimes) if it means driving better results in the end.

Always Compassionate

We design with intent and clarity, and we advocate on behalf of our users.

We design for users — not for ourselves (or even for our clients). We listen. We design for accessibility.

We value the well-being of our colleagues, clients, and users. We pay attention to what is there, and what is not. We bring joy and enthusiasm to our work which enables us to create delight in our products.

Collaborative Partners

We believe silos are for farms.

Everyone on our team and our client’s team is a part of the design process. We value our clients as creative partners. By creating this type of partnership, we’re able to create a safe space where our WIP and ideas grow together.

We check in early and often with all team members, and we believe feedback is essential to working collaboratively. We enforce the idea that, if you find yourself designing alone, you need to reach out for feedback.

Thoughtfully Efficient

We work smarter, not harder.

We take the time to understand the problem our design will solve, as well as the people who will use and benefit from it. We use the information we gather to work efficiently to meet business and user goals.

Because we think holistically, we build design systems to deliver a consistent, cohesive experience and to solve problems once, enabling quick updates to an entire ecosystem. As a project team, we are aligned in our processes and ready to adjust when needed.

Committed to Excellence

We stand behind our work.

We believe the best quality work comes from being open to feedback, early and often. That’s why we follow a defined process, repeating and refining our solutions as needed to create products that make our clients and our team proud.

At our core, we are problem solvers who are focused on creating exceptional user experiences that are meaningful and that resonate in the world. We are strongly dedicated to our craft and approach each task with attention to detail and purpose.

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