Nike NofyMe Campaigns

Nike’s North America (NA) Brand Team coordinates product awareness on their website and inside their mobile app. With the use of SMS marketing, they drive customers to to raise awareness about product availability. NofyMe alerts consumers about upcoming product releases, products that are new, as well as products that are limited edition.

The Problem

The NA Brand Team was faced with unforeseen policy changes at Nike which provided the opportunity to seek out a vendor that could help them with their SMS campaigns. Their timeline was tight and scheduled to be sent within 2 weeks of initial contact, as well as over a holiday.

The Solution

We worked diligently through the challenge of time and technical limitations to provide the right solution to the NA Nike Brand Team. Our experts designed and built an customized SMS marketing campaign that allows customers to click Notify Me, enter information such as phone number, email address, shoe size and more. NofyMe gives consumers that opt-in, the opportunity to be the first to know when products are available.

The Results

Nike’s first campaign received 80,000 page views, 23,000 customer notification sign ups, and grossed over 6 figures of income. Since then, Nike has repeatedly engaged with us for support on additional SMS campaigns and to date have partnered with them on 10+ SMS campaigns.

“We're very happy with Nike’s Notify Me marketing campaign. It has generated as much as 400% more revenue compared to other efforts.”

-Amanda Lathrop

Digital brand program manager at Nike


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