MONAI Website Redesign and UI Component Kit

MONAI is the Medical Open Network for Artificial Intelligence. It is a freely available, community-supported, PyTorch-based framework for deep learning in healthcare imaging, aiming to capture best practices of AI development for healthcare researchers.

The Problem

MONAI needed to redesign its website’s interface to better represent its products and services, but its challenge was not having the right amount of bandwidth or tools available to make this change in a timely manner. Instead of releasing new website components in a phased approach, it was much more desirable to release a new and updated website design at one time. MONAI had various projects and priorities lining up and didn’t want to delay their new website design any longer, so they reached out to Impekable for their expertise to design a new and scalable website.


MONAI found Impekable to be the best partner of choice for this challenge for many reasons.  They wanted an agency that had experience with building components and design systems because they wanted to have the ability to manage and scale the website on their own in the future.  Additionally, they needed a partner that they could trust to complete the work efficiently.  Impekable has worked with one of MONAI’s co-founders on other projects previously (i.e. and had a dependable reputation for completing projects promptly.


The Solution

Throughout the project’s timeline, Impekable held weekly meetings with MONAI and conducted a visual exploration, which resulted in providing three visual design concepts for MONAI to choose from for their website. When the final design was chosen, the concept was then adapted to the Homepage, About, Get Started, Community, and Documentation pages.


Because it was important for MONAI to be able to scale the website on their own in the future and do it efficiently with the limited number of designers within the organization, Impekable created a UI Design Kit within Figma that included all the necessary components to effectively create new or enhance existing webpages and keep the same branded style (colors, fonts, buttons, etc.).


The Results

Impekable visualized, designed, and delivered the new website design to MONAI in 6 weeks (117 hours). Upon deployment, MONAI saw increased traffic to and engagement with the website due to the new design. Impekable’s UI Design Kit via Figma reduced the dedicated website working hours of MONAI’s design team by 50%, allowing for more flexibility to other company priorities.


Impekable’s work has been recognized and awarded in the 2022 Muse Creative Awards.




Healthcare Technology & Science


Technology partner:


Project Start Date:

September 2021

Project Launch Date:

October 2021

Services Provided:

  • UI Design
  • Visual Design
  • Mood Boarding
  • Design Exploration
  • UI Kit/Sticker Sheet Creation
“We were extremely happy to have worked with Impekable in designing our new website. Their team of designers were reliable, worked efficiently, and had a great systematic process that allowed us to deploy the website quickly.”
- Michael Zephyr
Developer Evangelist at MONAI