Twilio Status Page

Twilio maintains a status page that gives real-time updates on any known incidents, outages or degradation in our API platform and external carrier connections.

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The Problem

Twilio uses Status Page by Atlassian to communicate how Twilio’s products and global carriers are performing in a single page. Twilio’s Super Network is becoming more sophisticated and detecting carrier service outages and network degradations. The impact from these detections are more commonly related to regional issues that do not affect all customers.

The Solution

Impekable was engaged to discover a way to visually represent carrier outages and degradations in comparison of Twilio products. We were able to do this by reimagining how Status Page would let us create this relationship between components and component groups. Our design team worked through the technical and brand constraints. Upon completion of the design, our engineering team built a visual layer inside of the Status Page’s system that would indicate how a carrier outage may impact a Twilio service like Programmable Voice or Programmable SMS.


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