Netgear Arlo Website

Impekable handled all front-end development of the new site design. With only a sketch file in hand, Impekable designed a Netgear Arlo website that reflected their brand and enhanced experience that matches products.

The Arlo Ecosystem

Impekable helped Arlo feature how Arlo Products work benefit consumers. Notifications become actionable through the Arlo app, allowing users to easily respond, engage, and monitor their products remotely.


The goal was to create scalable solutions to menus, streamline featured products, and update imagery to compliment the clean, premium designs. that we followed. The redesign of the site was expected to go live at the Design Sprint Kit conference.

Shop Wisely

With such a wide, diverse range of products, project differentiation was critical to their success. By highlighting pricing for various camera systems listed, users can easily navigate based on their budget.