BossTV Mobile App Redesign

BossTV is a platform where users can watch movies, shows, and over 150 channels of live TV from around the world with three different language subscription packages in English, Spanish, and Italian. BossTV also provides an interactive viewing experience by allowing its users to easily buy onscreen products without leaving the app. It is the best platform for live TV on the go!

The Problem

To best compete with other streaming services, Boss TV needed to level up the visual design and usability on their Apple mobile and TV apps. They required help in creating a visually appealing interface with minimal design to keep the app running quickly while utilizing the least amount of bandwidth. While implementing the immediate need, it was also necessary to allow room for advancements and the ability to scale the app for future features.

The Solution

Boss TV’s engineering team developed and designed the initial mobile/TV apps and partnered with Impekable to enhance the visual design and overall user experience. Impekable utilized Adobe XD to design the mobile/tablet apps and rapid prototyping to showcase user experience enrichments throughout the project’s progression. The project’s timetable involved weekly meetings discussing prototypes and wireframes between Boss TV and a team of designers, developers, and a project manager from Impekable.

As the project neared completion, Boss TV was so impressed with Impekable’s beautiful design capabilities that they expanded the project scope to include a webpage that mirrored the apps’ design. To design the ideal webpage with some custom code and animations, Impekable utilized Webflow to execute it in record time for Boss TV (48 hours!). Webflow is a low-code/no-code website design tool that allowed Impekable to develop the webpage, package it in a zip file, and send it to Boss TV for easy implementation under their current domain and server.

The Results

Impekable was able to deliver the newly designed Boss TV app for Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad with a complete and fully responsive webpage within 6 months. The end products were completed in a way that allowed future advancements to easily be implemented. Positive feedback was received by the CTO and engineering team at Boss TV for Impekable’s professionalism and exquisite design. Impekable is now supporting Boss TV through app improvements and preparing for future advancements


Features & functionalities Impekable added to the Boss TV apps:

  • Allowing users to favorite channels.
  • Adding a “Watchlist” in the Recordings section, making it easy for users to jump back into recorded shows they had begun watching.
  • The API (Gracenote) allowed recommendations to be added to the Recordings section (based on trends and past behavior). Plus, added a way for users to view additional program info.

  • Displaying cloud storage status, which would alert users to low storage and if they needed to delete recordings to make room for new recordings.

  • An onboarding flow that takes new users through the features, functionality, and subscription packages.

  • Single Sign-On capability with existing Google or Apple accounts.

  • Notifications for soon-to-expire recordings and free-trial expiration.

Services Provided

“We are very happy with the mobile and web design that
Impekable delivered for Boss TV. We were impressed with their
speed and high quality of work provided in just six months.

- Diego Cardona
Chief Technology Officer, Boss TV