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How did we work with Stripe? Our E-Commerce partners and customers need payment solutions. Impekable enhances their websites with Stripe online payment process.

Build an e-commerce business

Create the ideal shopping experience, from website to checkout optimization.

Impekable designed a fully responsive e-commerce website for Central Department, a world-wide retail store chain.

Let Impekable handle the rest

Adding payments to platforms can be complicated and time-consuming. With Stripe’s flexible payments APIs, our team of experts has a deep understanding of Stripe’s payment solution and can quickly build new product experiences.

Stripe builds the most powerful and flexible tools for internet commerce.

With Stripe, we can help you meet global compliance and regulatory obligations, and continuous iterations to update the latest payment technologies.


Our Case Studies

Central Department Store

Central, is one of Thailand’s largest department store chains, was looking to revamp their e-commerce websites. This required a complete website redesign, which covered all user journeys from browsing to checkout, creating an account, tracking orders and making refunds.

Mobile Marketplace

Impekable developed a cross-platform mobile app, with a live feed feature of everything happening on campus, including e-commerce. It empowered local business partners to sell products in a mobile marketplace and to purchase ad space on campus.



InspiredMe was looking for a seamless
e-commerce experience that includes a smooth checkout experience. The checkout design includes an option for users to easily add information from their Facebook account. Billing sections expand as shoppers go through the forms, reducing information overload at first glance, After checkout, shoppers can easily share the brand’s story with their friends.



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