Enpage is an engagement mobile app that surveys

and sends employee and tenant feedback about

their workplace experiences.


Enpage gives instant workplace feedback

Employee and tenant needs are top of mind of leadership, and now more than ever, organizations are looking at ways to provide exceptional experiences. Enpage makes it simple to source feedback.

Introducing Enpage

Enpage, an engagement mobile app, surveys employees and tenants about their workplace experiences. Using smart sensors, Wi-Fi and locations, Enpage captures experiences, prompts users to rate the experience (1-5)

and asks users to provide feedback. The rating system gives facility management information on what users like or didn’t like about their space, amenities, and services.


Enpage a mobile engagement application

Employee Satisfaction 

Enpage ratings system gives facility management the ability to measure and understand feedback to enhance workplace experiences. 



Enpage analytics allows facility management to properly plan for impromptu scenarios and future growth.



We leverage smart sensors, Wi-Fi and locations to capture feedback by sending users notifications to rate the experiences.