Pay Homage

Go, go, go. That’s all we’ve mostly known for the past few years at Impekable. Somehow, during this time, we went from being a small shop to becoming a top agency in the Bay Area, with our team spanning 7 countries and even more time zones. Everything feels the same, but different.

In the midst of everything going on, it’s nice to take a moment to reflect on where we were before, and how far we have come since the early days at Nextspace. It brings a sense of comfort and confidence that no matter what challenges we may face moving forward, we will get through it and continue to grow step by step.

When I first started, we didn’t even have a private office at Nextspace; we had a private desk, and Yvonne and I claimed a corner in the common area. Chris was also a fellow Nextspace member who collaborated with us on some projects. Pek had more time then, and would sketch out design ideas with us often, in addition to his client calls.

Impekable circa 2016. We dressed up as Stock Photo characters for Halloween.

Those days, we worked with a lot of startup founders on consumer-facing apps. My first project was a marijuana-related app. I remember working on a deck that would supposedly be shown to Snoop Dogg, a potential investor. My second app was centered around Rabbis. Pek was always full of ideas, and we experimented with them alongside our agency work. It was a fun time, an interesting hodgepodge of projects.

Design Workshops were one of Impekable犀利士
’s early initiatives to teach budding designers about our process.

Fast-forward to today. It doesn’t feel like much has changed, but now we’re working with big names, like Adobe and Google, on problems that can impact millions of users. Instead of working hard to recruit team members, more and more people reach out with hopes to work with us. Still, I’m glad things feel the same. That means we’re staying humble and doing what we do best: working smart and openly with our clients, with their best interests in mind.

I think that’s why we’ve developed so many long term relationships. We started working with Twilio almost 4 years ago, and today we are going strong with our partnership. Dave, our new VP of Product is a former client from Constant Contact. Pek has done a great job instilling these values into our company culture over the years and I truly think that’s why our clients keep coming back to us.

Impekable has bi-annual gatherings to review process, milestones, and goals. During our 2018 Winter Gathering, we were able to bring over a teammate from overseas for the first time.

We still have a lot ahead of us, and I’m excited to see what opportunities we’ll create together. To more adventures, growth and reflections.