Recently, I had this crazy idea that we should create a podcast. Like a kid with a new toy, we were all excited to get started by getting recommendations on equipment, software and production services. Putting together lists of my favorite podcasts, poten犀利士
tial guests and interview questions. We even planned on recording an episode while Dave, our VP of Product was visiting the office in San Jose.

Unfortunately, recording didn’t happen as we ran out of time (worst excuse ever).  Pek recorded another podcast with a friend of the firm the week before, but the raw footage is just sitting in a Box folder. I quickly came to the conclusion that just about anyone can record a podcast. Creating a great podcast that consistently adds value for our listeners and guests is crazy hard. This project felt like I was pushing a boulder up hill.

I had to face the music that a project I prioritized lost steam. Instead of making me feel bad about it, Pek offered me a valuable piece of feedback “Instead of pushing the boulder uphill, how can you push the boulder down hill?” I went back to my list of what would have made our podcast differentiated and the #1 thing on the list was “An awesome network of interesting humans.” When I dug a little deeper a lot of these people already have podcasts.


To push the boulder downhill what if we asked for guest spots from our friends? This will enable us to learn from their mistakes, validate that podcasting is something we enjoy and can help level up our brand. The result was a 3 part series “Building a Case Study” with Pek Pongpaet published on Adobe Live. In less than a week we have more than 1500 views for each video recorded.


  • We were able to use Adobe’s studio, equipment ????️ and production assistant. This enables us to defer our investment in equipment and services.
  • They provide a built in network. Adobe promotes the content to their audience and network. Include tweets from Adobe Creative Cloud, Behance, Adobe XD all tweeted it.
  • We can expand our relationship with Adobe ????

Are you looking for guests for your podcast? I would love to connect and see how we can push boulders downhill together ???? .

Check out the videos below!

You can find links for Session 2 here and & Session 3 here